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Canadian city puts an end to regatta camping

(Aug. 25, 2009) -- Councillor Gerry Colbert says besides taking up much needed space, it also became an environmental concern as some campers were dumping sewage and wastewater in the area. He says eventually the sewer ends up in the lake. Colbert says it wasn't everybody, but a few campers who ruined it for all. Read More »

Ohio community limits RV parking in residential areas

(Sept. 8, 2009) -- Under the ordinance in Parma, Ohio, residents can park recreational vehicles anywhere on their properties -- including their lawns -- for no more than 24 hours. The previous limit was 48 hours. Also, RVs can't be longer than 24 feet, according to code. Read More »

Connecticut RVers help grant children’s wishes

(Sept. 21, 2009) -- Organizers told Good Morning Connecticut, that the fun weekend atmosphere inspires incredible generosity from the RV community. The event gives back to a child what a serious medical condition can take away and that is the chance to simply enjoy just being a kid. Read More »

RV waste station in Colorado closing for upgrades

(Sept. 3, 2009) -- Broomfield`s waste dump station for recreational vehicles will close Wednesday while the city makes major improvements. When the improvements are complete, permitted RV users won`t have to check in or out at the administration office. Instead they will be issued cards that can be used in an electronic card reader. Read More »

RV parking ordinance riles owners in Kentucky community

(Sept. 11, 2009) -- "It's our RV," Belinda Givens said, who is being sued by her neighbor. "We bought it to have on our property, to maintain, to watch, to clean, to do whatever, to pack up and go somewhere on weekends real quick. We don't want to pay for storage." Read More »

Illinois fan serious about tailgating

(Sept. 8, 2009) -- The vehicle Geese drove to the game sets him apart, though. The white Itasca RV has blue and orange trim. On the left side of the vehicle, there is a large decal of Chief Illiniwek. The front hood is painted blue, with the phrase, “Oskee-Wow-Wow,” painted on it in white. Geese said he doesn’t know the meaning of the phrase, but put it on his RV because it is a line in the Illinois fight song. Read More »

Full-time RVers opt for cheap and friendly

(Sept. 18, 2009) -- With housing now costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, people are turning to RV life as an affordable option. RVs can be bought second-hand for less than $10,000 and pad rental is typically less than $500 a month, including electricity, sewer and water services. The lifestyle also offers the freedom to pick up and go whenever and wherever a person wants. Read More »

RVer advocates building tourist center in California

(Sept. 11, 2009) -- It is time to rethink our economic development and tourism strategies. The County proposal for a consolidated economic/tourism/visitor/convention entity is an opportunity to create a world class facility in a highly visible location that can support all tourists, including RVers. Read More »

RV catches fire near gas station

(Sept. 8, 2009) -- The passengers of the 1979 mobile home, David Alvarado and Julie Sarna, were driving south on Silverado at about 12:30 p.m. when heavy smoke began billowing from underneath the hood and into the passenger compartment, Alvarado said. Flames started shooting out from the floor where Sarna was sitting, he said. They pulled over and managed to escape with their two dogs. Read More »

Tumbleweed totals motorhome in California

(Sept. 11, 2009) -- A large tumbleweed is getting the blame for destroying a 35-foot motorhome Wednesday night near Visalia. The tumbleweed apparently became lodged under the engine compartment. The driver then heard an explosion, and smoke started to pour from the compartment. The smoke quickly gave way to a fire that consumed the motorhome.
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Quality Vans recalls vans equipped with Ricon wheelchair lifts

(Sept. 4, 2009) -- These vehicles fail to comply with the requirments of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 404. The threshold warning system may not detect the presence of a wheelchair or mobility aid user in a certain spot within the defined threshold area. The user of the lift could be injured should the lift move unintentionally. Read More »

RVer electrocuted in Louisiana

(Sept. 17, 2009) -- Randall James Rhodes, of Houma, had been vacationing and repairing his storm-damaged camp in Montegut when he was electrocuted in the Sunday morning accident. He was attempting to pull an extension cord that led to the camp. He was barefoot in a few inches of standing water and the cord was still connected to the camp, she said.
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