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National Park Service video teaches people to be good park visitors

(Oct. 22, 2009) -- The 9.5-minute video, on-line for the first time, addresses the importance of taking a personal role in preserving the outdoor experience for future generations. It provides a vivid and adventurous display of outdoor scenery, showcasing wild animals, breathtaking scenery, and presents how people can incorporate Leave No Trace principles when they are outdoors. Read More »

Florida RV owner loses two units to fire in two months

(Oct. 20, 2009) -- Fire investigator Frank Elkins said this was the second RV fire at this property in as many months, both from the use of a burning candle. The resident, Deborah Moore, escaped the home without injury. "I moved into this RV after my other one burned two months ago," Moore said. "I lit a candle this morning in the bathroom and went back to sleep on the couch. I woke up later and saw smoke coming from the bathroom." Read More »

Montana Supreme Court orders trial in case of RV damaged by pet urine

(Oct. 15, 2009) -- The Montana Supreme Court has ordered a trial in the case of a woman who bought a used recreational vehicle from a Missoula business and later found it had been badly damaged by pet urine. Woodruff appealed to the Montana Supreme Court, arguing that the arbitration clause was not within her reasonable expectations as a consumer and because she did not knowingly waive her constitutional rights to a jury trial and to access the court system. Read More »

For sale: Swindler’s swanky motorhome

(Oct. 22, 2009) -- The US Marshals Service is auctioning off a luxury station wagon once owned by swindler Bernard Madoff and the RV that hedge-fund crook Samuel Israel III lived in while on the lam last year. Read More »

Canadian city mulls restrictive RV parking laws

(Oct. 20, 2009) -- Richmond, B.C., residents could be fined $10,000 plus court costs if they fail to follow a proposed ordinance. Under the bylaw, travel trailers and boats can be stored in an "on-site parking space" on residential lots. But if parked in a front yard, they must be screened by "an opaque landscape screen of trees or shrubs" at least 1.8 metres high. If parked in a back or side yard, the vehicles must be screened by a two-metre high solid fence. Read More »

Freightliner offers motorhome buyers up to $1,250 in free fuel

(Oct. 15, 2009) -- Motorhome enthusiasts who have waited out the bumpy road of a rough economy to buy a new rig now have 1,250 reasons to start planning their next road trip immediately in a new RV. Called "Fueled By Us," Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation (FCCC) is offering a $1,250 fuel card with the purchase of any qualifying new motorhome built on a Freightliner chassis from dealers in the United States and Canada. The Fueled By Us offer is available from Oct. 15 to Dec. 31. Read More »

Scottish couple to embark upon 10-year worldwide RV tour

(Oct. 21, 2009) -- Jim Rogerson and his wife, Marion, bade farewell to their home village on Monday after 25 years as they headed off on their odyssey. The couple had considered backpacking, but wanted to enjoy some home comforts on their epic trip, so instead they bought a 12-metre-long RV. Rogerson reckons the couple will only average 10,000 miles a year on their travels – less than they would at home with a car. Read More »

Home dialysis machines give RVers freedom to travel

(Oct. 20, 2009) -- Harvey Wells plans to see every Cleveland Browns game this season. Even more remarkably, he will undergo dialysis treatments as he travels to the games in a recreation vehicle. On Monday, he touted the freedom of a home dialysis machine after watching the Steelers whack the Browns at Heinz Field the day before. Read More »

RVers fired up for Alabama football this season

(Oct. 26, 2009) -- This particular group of RVers has been meeting for Alabama home football games for nearly 20 years. “We’re like nomads,” Pam Kollin said. “The city pushes us out of one lot and we move on to the next lot, all together.” Read More »

Newsday shows RV travel remains cheapest way to have turkey dinner

(Oct. 21, 2009) -- Jon Tancredi, a spokesman for the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, says the homes on wheels mean no lost luggage, missed connections or less-than-helpful gate agents. "There's no charge for baggage, movies or boxed lunches," he says. "Heck, there are no boxed lunches, as RVers have a gourmet kitchen in tow." Read More »

Failed trade-ins wreak havoc on credit scores

(Oct. 26, 2009) -- When Robert and Donna Zarb traded in their 2005 recreational vehicle for a newer model last year, they said Walt Michal’s RV Superstore in Belleville promised to pay off the loan on their old RV. But the store never did. The dealership now is out of business, leaving the Waterford couple on the hook for the $179,700 balance on their trade-in, plus the $256,874 cost of the new RV. Read More »