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Is interest in conservation dying? New study shows it may be

(Oct. 19, 2009) -- Two researchers and the chief scientist at the Nature Conservancy, have found that only people who engage in vigorous outdoor sports, like hiking and backpacking, tend later to become supporters of mainline conservation groups. Surprisingly, the more time one spent fishing or sightseeing in natural areas, the less likely that person was to support these particular conservation causes. "Apparently not all outdoor recreation is equal in terms of who is going to be an investor in conservation," Zaradic said. Read More »

RVs to stalk each other at California demolition derby

(Oct. 19, 2009) -- The event starts slowly, with six motor homes bumping into each other in reverse like malfunctioning bumper cars. Things start to pick up as the drivers circle the dirt track to get more speed, careening into each other's rides at up to 20 mph. "The biggest difference (between cars and RVs) is probably the fact that the car at least stays intact" Basile said. "These things pretty much striptease; I mean they completely come apart." Read More »

Delaware could get its first national park

(Oct. 20, 2009) -- The state’s congressional delegation plans to introduce legislation Tuesday to create a history-themed park with a center in New Castle and multiple satellite locations. Topics would include European settlement and Delaware’s role as the first state to ratify the Constitution. Delaware is the only state without a unit of the National Park Service. Read More »

Work campers enjoy traveling the country on a budget

(Oct. 28, 2009) -- The work camper lifestyle may not be for everyone, but many people enjoy the freedom that this lifestyle provides. Doing odd jobs while on the road allows the traveler to enjoy a full time RV lifestyle without having to first retire. This allows them to see the world while they are still young and in good health. Read More »

RV used for medical research in Pennsylvania community

(Oct. 19, 2009) -- Jeff Trull is behind the wheel of a massive camper with green curtains and beige carpeting and $140,000 worth of scientific equipment inside. It’s a laboratory on wheels. Each week, he and another Tufts University graduate student, whom he calls his “co-pilot,” drive this RV up and down the streets of Somerville collecting pollution data. They are measuring air quality at all hours of the day so that they can track how pollution levels change with different traffic volumes and wind speeds. Read More »

Some families trade in homes for RVs

(Nov. 5, 2009) -- Now their new life allows them to travel throughout the country while their children do schoolwork online. Recently, Dave landed a new job which allows him to work from their trailer home, but the family is still planning on remaining in the RV for the time being.

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RV dump site in Colorado closed through December

(Nov. 5, 2009) -- Renovations of Broomfield’s RV waste dump station will take longer than planned, and the facility will remain closed through Dec. 20. The dump was scheduled to reopen Nov. 15, however, the contractor working on the project has experienced a delay in the delivery of parts.

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Multiple units damaged in blaze at Alabama storage facility

(Nov. 5, 2009) -- While motorhomes toward the back of the storage area were destroyed, some of the motorhomes and travel trailers in front of the burned sheds also suffered damage. The heat, alone, from the blaze was so hot that the tires on some of the travel trailers were melted.

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Students object to RVs parked at Mississippi State games

(Nov. 3, 2009) -- Our cars get towed. It's ridiculous these measures are taken considering some students are still in class at 5 p.m. It is beyond my understanding as to why we should be expected to follow these regulations when the people with RVs rarely follow the rules set out for them.

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Wyoming county sues RV owners for code violations

(Nov. 3, 2009) -- The code, building, fire, health and animal control officers who conducted the inspections found more than 25 unlicensed or inoperable vehicles; eight camper trailers; two mobile home frames; piles of tires; 15 barrels of household trash, and a pile of empty five-gallon water bottles; nine refrigerators without their doors removed; washers, dryers and stoves in unusable condition; three boats on trailer and four mobile homes in dilapidated condition.

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Arizona county allows RVers to camp on their property

(Nov. 3, 2009) -- Campers may camp only 10 consecutive days and only three times each year. Property owners could not rent out camping spaces on their land. Trailers and RVs must connect to an on-site wastewater system or be fully self-contained, and campers may not connect them to utility hook-ups.

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