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Gary Bunzer heads up product technology for RV Buddies

(Jan. 4, 2011) -- RV Buddies announced today that Gary Bunzer, "The RV Doctor," is now appearing on RV Buddies heading up the product tech section of the website with some exclusive features, such as the ability of website visitors to submit their questions to Bunzer.

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Expert offers tips for cleaning, repairing leather furniture

(Jan. 4, 2011) -- “We see a big increase in the damage of leather furniture this time of year with all the holiday parties” says Michael Wilson, CEO of Fibrenew. “Clumsy guests cause damage, but the worst disasters are caused by homeowners who don’t know the best ways to clean up a mess and repair a problem.

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Arson suspected in California RV fire

(Jan. 3, 2011) -- A Saturday night blaze in a stored recreational vehicle lot in Martinez, Calif., is being investigated as possible arson, Contra Costa fire officials told the Contra Costa Times.

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Arizona RVers teach kids to play pickleball

(Jan. 3, 2011) -- The game, which resembles a cross between tennis and badminton, requires focus, eye-hand coordination, stamina and skill as opponents try to out-score one another on the court, Tri-Valley Central noted. The teachers are volunteer pickleball enthusiasts from Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort and the Mission Royale community, who serve as coaches and mentors for the youngsters.

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Boats added to Pleasanton RV show in California

(Jan. 3, 2011) -- "The attendance and sales at our RV shows over the past year have been strong enough that we felt comfortable branching out and offering more," said Mike Nohr, president of GoodTimes Promotions. "Boats and RVing go hand in hand so we're confident the addition will be a hit."

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Big and environmentally friendly? Brawdy says yes

(Jan. 3, 2011) --  The idea of an environmentally friendly RV may seem like an oxymoron, but Brian Brawdy is making it his business to dispel such talk. interviewed the television news reporter-turned-activist, spokesman and educator, who is returning to Northeast Ohio with his Green RV to a show this week.

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