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Arizona dealership offers six tips for decreasing RV gas costs

(Aug. 20, 2010) -- “We are finding more and more that individuals interested in purchasing travel trailers are doing so in a very finance conscious mindset," said Pedata. “They are curious to know the tips of the industry that make RVing even more affordable. They want to know how to get the most out of their RV or travel trailer and one of the most commonly discussed related issues is the cost of gas."

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TV pitchman to set self on fire to prove Cold Fire product works

(Aug. 19, 2010) -- Cold Fire is a new generation fire-suppressing agent from Omni Response, that instantly and safely extinguishes flames and leaves surfaces cool to the touch. Since most fire extinguisher-type products are dry powder, they offer no cooling effect. This important Cold Fire difference prevents heat damage and the possibility of fire.

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El Monte RV offers tailgating tips for football-loving RVers

(Aug. 18, 2010) --  “Hardcore tailgating fans have moved beyond sandwiches in the car to multi-course menus on the stadium parking lot," said Laing. "Today’s recreational vehicles have well-equipped kitchens perfect for prepping, serving and storing food. We’re constantly amazed at how creative RV tailgating chefs become when given the right kitchen.”

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Family of missing RVers raises money to up reward offer

(Aug. 17, 2010) -- To claim some reward money, a tipster must provide information on the whereabouts of Lyle and Marie McCann along with details that lead to the conviction of whomever may have been involved in their disappearance. To claim a larger reward, the tipster has to give his or her name to investigators, the Canadian press reported.

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NPR to explore how Interstate 95 shaped the eastern seaboard

(Aug. 17, 2010) -- Led by NPR’s National Desk, “I-95: The Road Most Traveled” will examine the history, economic impact and future of this busy automotive vein, all with the intent of illustrating how one highway has driven development of the eastern seaboard. The series will also include first-hand insights through interviews with travelers at a newly-constructed welcome center in Delaware.

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Mouse droppings lead to camper illness in Washington

(Aug. 16, 2010) -- Brad Erdahl was mostly just annoyed when he discovered a rodent had gotten into his bread supply while camping, never imagining the string of events that was about to unfold, the Seattle Post Intelligencer reported. His late-night visitor was a deer mouse carrying hantavirus -- a rare disease that kills 36 percent of people who come down with it.

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Maine couple becomes first to complete state’s passport promotion

(Aug. 13, 2010) -- Debi Pride and Wally Farnum, who are engaged to be married, became the first people to complete the Department of Conservation passport by collecting stamps from all 48 state parks and historic sites in Maine. They were recognized Thursday at the Georgetown park, where they will receive the first park's vehicle pass for the 2011 season, the Journal reported.

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As man collapses behind the wheel, wife steers RV to safety

(Aug. 13, 2010) -- The RV, which was traveling north, crossed the south lane, left the road and went down a steep embankment, riding on two wheels for a short time before side-swiping a tree and then hitting another tree head on, bringing the vehicle to a stop, the Bonners Ferry Herald reported.

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Chicago Tribune blogger’s family begins Colorado RV adventure

(Aug. 13, 2010) -- The 32-foot Winnebago RV is stocked with a variety of food as well as toys, games, movies, pillows, sheets, towels, special "blankies," and stuffed animals, along with a 5- and 8-year-old, two parents and Eileen Ogintz, a blogger with the Chicago Tribune. "It's not exactly an old-fashioned camping trip, but an outdoor adventure," Ogintz noted.

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