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RV Examiner explains how to transition to full-time RVing

(July 21, 2009) -- Many of us who are weekend RVers have aspirations of emptying out and selling the house to become full time RVers. But how many have seriously contemplated it? And even more slim, how many of us have actually done it?, asks Rodney Muehlfeld, an RV Examiner from Phoenix. Read More »

Lesbians hit road in RV to promote National Marriage Tour

(July 20, 2009) -- The duo will be traveling across the United States in a forty foot RV clad in sponsorship advertising where at each stop they will conduct a mass same-sex wedding. The tours slogan is; "50 Weddings, 50 States, 50 weeks, Bringing Awareness to 1138 rights and privileges GLBT marriages, civil unions & domestic partnerships are denied." Read More »

Luxury RV and vintage cars go on auction block

(July 15, 2009) -- A luxury motorhome with a pair of flat-screen TVs, a 1970 sports car and a 1930 Ford Model A are on the block Friday in a second round of auctions of property seized from a former Wall Street broker who swindled clients. Read More »

New outdoor education facility opens in California

(July 13, 2009) -- The culmination of 12 years of planning and two years of construction, the center will focus on teaching children ages 8-16 from all youth organizations about leadership, conservationism and environmentalism through outdoor adventures through its astronomy, ranch and mining themed camp programs. The camps also feature team building programs, an aquatics program and adult leadership training. Read More »

Canadian reporter’s daughter tells dad to drive the RV “like a man”

(July 31, 2009) -- I’d been RVing less than 30 seconds before I mounted the curb exiting Go West’s premises. Our “Regal” C30 RV shook violently and I feared for the contents of the crockery drawers. The rest of the Judds no doubt feared for their lives. Hesitantly, I navigated Coquitlam’s mean streets to find my way back to Highway 1 and the open road to B.C.’s Interior, six days and five nights of adventure ahead of us. I hugged the inside lane for an hour, poodling along at 75 km/h. Somewhere around Langley, my 10-year-old daughter Emma said: “C’mon Dad, drive like a man.” Read More »

RV explosion causes seven vehicle accident in Colorado

(July 27, 2009) -- One person was airlifted to a Denver hospital with severe burns after a recreational vehicle exploded on Saturday. It was part of a multi-car accident on the interstate. KOAA says the RV exploded after hitting a sign off I-25 just before noon. They say at least six other vehicles were involved in the crash. Read More »

Pedata RV outlines three reasons for RVing’s popularity

(Aug. 17, 2009) -- With people like Judge Clarence Thomas, Matthew McConaughey and Lenny Kravitz all enjoying RVs, there's more to the dream of 'life on the road' than saving money, although the financial factor is a huge incentive. Here are a few reasons to pack up the RV and head somewhere new or revisit a favorite campground. Read More »

RV salesmen sound trailer safety alarm

(Aug. 17, 2009) -- Dave Dobson, past president of the Atlantic Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association and the general manager of RV World on Chaparral Road, said two recent accidents involving trailers probably could have been prevented had the vehicles been outfitted with a weight-distribution system. Read More »

Wheels catch fire on rented RV in Illinois

(Aug. 13, 2009) -- A Morrison family’s vacation got off to a less than perfect start Monday when their rented motor home caught fire in downtown Oregon. “The brakes were sticking,” Middleton said. “Then somebody pulled up beside me and said, ‘Hey, you’re on fire!’ By then the smoke was so thick I could hardly see to get out of the RV.” Read More »

RV catches on fire while traveling down Alaskan highway

(Aug. 10, 2009) -- Dion Sumner reported smoke emanating from the passenger compartment of his motorhome while driving down the road. He stopped near Mile 83 to investigate the situation. Sumner said just as the smoked seemed to dissipate, the next thing he knew, flames appeared from the area of the water heater, according to the report. Read More »

Elderly RVing couple die within days of each other

(Aug. 6, 2009) -- The manager of the Flour Bluff RV park discovered their bodies inside their mobile home after they hadn't checked their mail in a week. The medical examiner said the husband died first, and his wife, who suffered from dementia, never reported the death. She died a few days later. Read More »

RV owners find happiness on the move

(Aug. 3, 2009) -- For anyone wanting to get away from it all or go camping without leaving the comforts of home too far behind, having an RV may be the way to go. An RV will cost anywhere from $4,000 to more than $1 million. While it does take an investment to get going, most would say it is well worth it. There are clubs and Web sites that people can join or look at to get information on good and bad campsites. The sites help them keep in touch with friends made along the way. Read More »

Vermont cheese company offers recipies to RV owners

(Aug. 3, 2009) -- "Outdoor activities like camping and hiking are excellent ways for your family to get lots of exercise and fresh air," Wing says. "But even away from home, there's no need to load up on junk foods and unhealthy beverages when you can carry healthy treats in your backpack and cook healthy meals while on the trail or camping." Read More »