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Calendar, not economy will keep people home this Labor Day, says AAA

(Aug. 27, 2009) -- "AAA expects this Labor Day holiday weekend to be the third busiest of the decade, even though the number of travelers will be down from one year ago,” said AAA President & CEO, Robert L. Darbelnet. “However, with Labor day falling a week later this year when many children will have returned to school, the decline may more to do with the calendar than with the economy. Our forecast shows Labor Day travel will be up over this summer’s 4th of July holiday and that’s a positive sign.” Read More »

Christian RVers travel country building churches

(Aug. 24, 2009) -- For the past 15 years, these traveling carpenters -- retired teachers, pastors, electricians, housewives, even an occasional physicist -- have gone from place to place, lending a construction hand to small Open Bible churches. The churches provide the building materials, tools and meals; their labor is free. Read More »

Arizona RVers use solar ovens to make dinner

(Aug. 19, 2009) -- Kat Summerchild got interested in solar cooking during a visit to her parents’ home in Texas years ago. They and all their RVing friends regularly used their solar ovens to cook everything from main courses to desserts. Read More »

RVing family brings message of love and service

(Aug. 27, 2009) -- Traveling all over the country, the family of six visits different communities to help those who are less fortunate. The family travels in an RV with the words “Crazy Love In Action” emblazoned on the side, giving people an idea of why the Loeckens are going to such lengths. Read More »

Two Ohio women injured in RV propane explosion

(Sept. 3, 2009) -- Sheriff George Lavender said the explosion occurred at 7:52 p.m. in a motorhome parked in the southwest corner of the fairgrounds for the annual Easyriders Rodeo. Officials said the women had closed up the motorhome and were preparing to cook food when the explosion occurred. When firefighters arrived at the scene, one victim was standing outside the motorhome, while the other was inside. Read More »

North Carolina couple finds electrical rates are higher for RV owners

(Aug. 24, 2009) -- While mobile homes were being charged the residential rate of $7.87 for the basic facility charge, Jim Shaw was paying $15.75. He also pays a billing demand charge after the first 30 kilowatts of power each month that his neighbors do not pay and his energy is calculated differently. Why? Because of its mobility, his RV doesn't qualify for residential rates, the power company said. Read More »

Generations of Maryland fairgoers connect on RV row in

(Aug. 19, 2009) -- While thousands of visitors to the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair sweat and swoon in 90-plus degree temperatures, three dozen families of 4-H die-hards are living in the lap of modest luxury — a veritable village of campers, trailers and Winnebagos lined along the back of the Gaithersburg fairgrounds. Read More »

New federal recreation office to open in downtown Portland, Ore.

(Aug. 26, 2009) -- Two federal agencies in charge of much of the Northwest's federal land will soon open an office in Portland to offer public information and recreational passes. U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management will open the new center expected to open Oct. 5 in the Robert Duncan Plaza, 333 S.W. First Ave. Read More »

Alabama man says RV is not a residence

(Sept. 2, 2009) -- Because it is against city ordinance to use a trailer or camper as a permanent dwelling place, Whitaker must disconnect the sewer, remove the porch/deck, and relocate the recreation vehicle to a lot located between two warehouse buildings on the same site. At issue is whether or not the RV is being used as a residence. Read More »

Difference between hardship and adventure: a matter of perspective

(August 28, 2009) -- In February, David Walters and Laurel Sprague left Georgia for New Mexico in search of better employment prospects. The young couple now lives in an RV at a KOA campground in Barilillo, where they work two days a week for a combined income of $900 a month, plus free rent. Savings have been depleted; they're starting to rely on credit cards. From an outside perspective, one might pass precipitous judgment that David and Laurel have had their lives torn asunder by the recession. But they choose to view their life as an adventure. Read More »