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Winter Texans make quilts for the needy

(March 11, 2010) -- Every Tuesday morning, the Canyon Lake RV Park Recreation Hall in Mission transforms into an assembly line. About 35 retirees sew fabric and trim loose threads. They hand-tie quilts together for needy families.

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Tire blowout blamed for RV fire in Texas

(March 10, 2010) -- A Massachusetts couple was left with nothing after a fire destroyed their motorhome, KRGV-TV reported. As the RV was being towed from Brownsville to Mission, a tire blew out and over heated.

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RV owners seek to save access to off-road recreation use

(March 11, 2010) -- "The unexplainable gritty determination of BLM to kick off-highway vehicles and the public out of Clear Creek is bizarre and does not pass the smell test," said Amador. "The BLM has discounted any and all public comments by scientists who counter the EPA study -- including one of the BLM's own toxicologists."

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National Park Service sets date for first fee-free period


(March 11, 2010) -- Unlike last year’s fee-free weekends -- which took place during peak summer weekends -- this year’s fee-free periods will likely encourage visitation during the shoulder season and off-peak days. National park concessioners once again plan to enhance the fee-free periods through offering valued-added experiences at their operations.

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Texas RV rental site sees increased international business

(March 10, 2010) -- O’Banion said the RV lifestyle’s appeal is indeed growing among the a worldwide audience, and these travelers understand the value and advantages for purchasing a vacation home on wheels when wanting to explore the United States for an extended time.

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Protect your RV with a metal cover

Carport Empire logo.jpg

(March 9, 2010) -- RV covers and carports are undeniably another expense on top of an already large investment, the company admits. However, by protecting an RV from damage and subsequently deteriorating prices, a cover/carport can pay for itself many times over by preserving an RV’s resale or trade value.

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Mississippi officials boot RVers from RV park

(March 9, 2010) -- Gulfport laws allow RV users to stay in a RV park six months at a time. Some residents of Baywood RV Park have been there nearly 10 years, and they told the station they didn't know it was a problem. Still, the Gulfport City Council ordered the people to move, and residents are not happy.

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Proposed Maine law prohibits importing firewood

(March 9, 2010) -- A swarm of destructive bugs that have wiped out a large volume of trees in other states, and Maine officials fear widespread infestations could greatly impact production of lumber and maple sugar, affecting as many as 25,000 workers in Maine, PhillyBurbs.com reported.

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