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Brian Brawdy set to launch new TV show defending freedom

(Nov. 8, 2010) -- "As a survival expert I’m trained to survive extremes in weather, wildlife, terrains and scenarios of all types," said Brawdy. "Surviving an extreme government is the last thing I planned for. I never thought we would need to prepare for Uncle Sam poking his finger in our chests."

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Pedata RV sees more people traveling with pets

(Nov. 5, 2010) -- Pedata RV Center sees many people getting around this additional expense and worry by taking their pet along with the family on vacation.  "RV trips are one of the most accommodating when it comes to traveling with pets. The majority of campsites are very pet friendly," said Pedata.

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Utility fined for blocking RVer’s driveway

(Nov. 5, 2010) -- The commission ruled that customer Rebecca Mueller contacted Peco in November 2007 to complain that she could not drive her RV into her driveway because the overhead wire running to her house was too low.

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Delaware police arrest three for string of RV burglaries

(Nov. 4, 2010) -- Police say, in addition to business break-ins, Thomas A. Prigge, 25, Cameron Davis, 19, and William A. Ragsdale Jr., 28, targeted recreational vehicles at three different locations, did thousands of dollars in damage and stole thousands of dollars worth of tools, electronic equipment, televisions and more.

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USA Today profiles Tailgating Commissioner Joe Cahn

(Nov. 4, 2010) -- USA Today caught up with Cahn as he piloted his 40-foot "Joemobile" motorhome the day after a Redskins-Colts game outside Washington – one of the 650 "home" games on Cahn's 800,000-mile, 15-season journey. Cahn said a lot has has changed about tailgating in the last 15 years.

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(Nov. 3, 2010) -- Klepper has been in the industry for more than 11 years and met with a diverse range of individuals. The one thing they all have in common is questions, during the sales process and for years after the sale. Once these news owners drive off the lot, where do they go for answers? Now they can come to for anything from browsing through our daily tips and tricks to asking any question, said Klepper.

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