Friday, June 23, 2017
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Learn more about newly released RVs, accessories and outdoor products available for the RV and camping lifestyle. RV Daily Report also reviews products and accessories.

Russ on the Road: How to get the best deal on a new car or truck

(May 15, 2017) -- If you’re like me, when it comes time to purchase a new vehicle you become filled with dread at the thought of being worked-over by a team of sophisticated, sleaze-ball sales reps in the offices of a car dealership. If you don’t experience that sense of panic, you should, because those guys can sell ice to an Eskimo while making him feel like they just saved his life. Read More »

RV Travel: RV comes with big soaking tub

(May 12, 2017) -- As many RV manufacturers evolve from building RVs as vehicles to use for recreation into building them for mobile homes, we have yet another entry into the RV designers’ game: “What cool option can we feature next that nobody really needs?” Read More »

Hipcamp: 7 ways to make money camping

(May 12, 2017) -- Nowadays, when you read a phrase like “get paid to do what you love,” you probably glaze over, assuming it's a phishing scam or clickbait headline. It sounds too good to be true. But if you love camping and spending what most people would consider an excessive amount of time outdoors, it might not be all that unrealistic. Read More »

RV crash hurts 4 of five members of Christian band

(May 12, 2017) -- The crash involving members of the Ammunition Band family ministry happened around 8:50 a.m., according to the Iowa State Patrol. Four of the five musicians with non-life-threatening injuries were taken by emergency crews to Myrtue Hospital. Read More »

How to avoid national park crowds this summer

(May 12, 2017) -- A record 330 million people visited a U.S. National Park in 2016, and while it’s great news that people want to explore the outdoors, it means that hiking trails and scenic drives are likely to reach capacity this year-- especially during the peak summer months. Read More »