Friday, October 19, 2018
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Roadtreking: No more messy grill

(Oct. 17, 2018) -- Do you hate having to scrub and scrape all the mess from your grill? Check out these handy grill mats, made with coated fiberglass and safe to cook on! There is nothing in the mat that seeps into the food. It makes grilling that much easier. Read More »

Curbed: Burly camper trailer tackles any terrain, sleeps four

(Oct. 16, 2018) -- If you’re looking to explore the backcountry but don’t want to sleep on the ground, big RVs aren’t going to fit your needs. They might look cool, but Airstream-style trailers and even some of the longer Class B vans can’t handle the rocky dirt roads of the remote outdoors. Read More »

Rolling in a RV: Haines shoe house

(Oct. 16, 2018) -- The giant shoe was built in 1948 for Mahlon Haines as an advertisement for his shoe company. It has five stories, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living room. Read More »

Box Canyon Blog: The inhuman race

(Oct. 16, 2018) -- A couple weeks ago, before our prolonged and lovely fall ebbed toward winter's harsh reality, Leon and I decided we better wrap up the finale of our 2018 Summer Edition of races up Log Hill. The winner would claim bragging rights, while the loser would have to endure the aftertaste of defeat all winter long. Read More »

Gypsy Journal RV: Out with the old, in with the new

(Oct. 16, 2018) -- I had a secretary once who used to tell me I was an old stick in the mud because I wasn’t always quick to embrace new ideas and changes. Not that I wouldn’t consider them, but I’ve always felt that if something works, why mess with it? Read More »

Live. Work. Dream.: Our full-time RVers travel routine reality

(Oct. 16, 2018) -- Fall is everywhere in the Rockies right now. We are moving fast to escape the rapidly dropping nighttime (and sometimes, daytime) temperatures. As we move quickly through our favorite locations, I have to admit that it’s nice to be back in our groove, our full-time RVers travel routine. After 11 years, we found it. Read More »

Do It Yourself RV: 8 southwest towns to visit this winter

(Oct. 16, 2018) -- One of the best parts about having a home-on-wheels is the freedom to head south for year-round sunshine. The southwest draws in thousands of snowbirds every year for good reason: the daytime temperatures stay pleasantly warm all winter and there is tons to see and do. Read More »

Roadtreking: From the Kansas Prairie

(Oct. 16, 2018) -- Our latest Sunday night Ask Us Anything on the YouTube RV Lifestyle Channel came to you from Kansas, where we've been spending the last several days at one of the regular Roadtreking gatherings that we attend all over North America. Read More »

RV Life: Favorite place to visit in Wichita, Kansas

(Oct. 16, 2018) -- A lot has changed in Wichita, Kansas since its early days as a trading post on the cattle-driving Chisholm Trail during the 1860s. Today, this largest city in the Jayhawk State is home to nearly 400,000 residents. The picturesque and flat town is anchored by the Arkansas River. Read More »

The Fit RV: 1st annual van national rally

(Oct. 16, 2018) -- I’m coordinating a momentous Class B rally for a club of campervan owners I co-founded a few years ago, the “WinnieBs”. And yes, the club itself is exclusively for Winnebago owners, BUT! This rally the WinnieBs are throwing is for ALL campervans and Class B enthusiasts. Read More »

Do It Yourself RV: 5 life lessons learned while RVing

(Oct. 15, 2018) -- Are you thinking of or planning to start full-time RVing? If yes, we say go for it! We began full-time RVing over four years ago and over the years we’ve learned a lot about life. Not just life on the road, but life in general. Here are five life lessons that we’ve learned while full-time RVing. Read More »