Saturday, April 29, 2017
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Good Life RV: Volunteer warriors-RV style

(April 10, 2017) -- RVers have a strong sense of community. When they come together, great things can happen. Volunteering doesn’t have to be something you need a permanent community for to be a part of. There are hundreds of organizations that appreciate any time you can give them, and region- or nation-wide groups make it easy to get involved while you’re movin’ down the road. Read More »

VA: RV becomes mobile salon

(April 10, 2017) -- Every three weeks or so, a black, custom-outfitted recreational vehicle rumbles into a cul-de-sac in Alexandria. The neighbors pour out of their homes to greet it. Read More »

FL: Ordinance raises RV owners’ concerns

(April 10, 2017) -- The rule prohibits trailers, including recreational vehicles and campers, over 24 feet in length from being stored on the property or having utility services connected to it. Vehicles or trailers larger than that must be stored off-property. Read More »

WI: Man arrested after firing rifle at campers

(April 10, 2017) -- The Waushara County Sheriff's Office says they received a call on Sunday around 8 a.m. from a person who stated their brother had fired a rifle at a group of people who were camping north of Bighorn Drive, between County Road MM and 17th Drive. Read More »

Caution: Bears emerging from their dens

Black bear

(April 7, 2017) -- With a scarcity of their natural food sources – plants, berries and insects – this early in the season, bears are particularly attracted to human-provided sources, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources warned. Read More »

Wheeling It: Adventure of a lifetime – Dry Tortugas, Fla.

(April 7, 2017) -- I just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money. I mean we’re talking $329 and given that I’m a frugal gal in all things (well in all things non-food related anyway) I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. It couldn’t possibly be worth that much, right? And besides the ferry was half the price ($165) and would do just fine. Yes, no matter what I was definitely going to take the ferry. End of story. Read More »

Vogel Talks RVing: Zion National Park


(April 7, 2017) -- The first homesteader to hang his hat at Zion was Isaac Behunin in 1861. While life was difficult for the pioneer, Behunin was still appreciative of the beauty of his surroundings: “A man can worship God among these great cathedrals as well as in any man-made church—this is Zion.” Read More »

Outside Online: Essential party camping gear


(April 7, 2017) -- Don’t get me wrong: climbing mountains, paddling rivers, bagging a year’s worth of meat, and tackling challenging trails are fun, but sometimes all a weekend needs are a beautiful view, fun people, and a lot of booze. Partying is one of my favorite excuses to take people camping. Here’s the gear I use to maximize our fun. Read More »