Thursday, July 19, 2018
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Learn more about newly released RVs, accessories and outdoor products available for the RV and camping lifestyle. RV Daily Report also reviews products and accessories.

WA: The thing about RVs

(July 19, 2018) -- The thing about RVs, as in Recreational Vehicle that my husband and I take camping, it’s more than just an RV to us. Read More »

Members of FMCA gather for four-day event

(July 19, 2018) -- Members of FMCA, a Cincinnati-based organization for RV owners, are in Gillette for a four-day event focusing on various aspects of their favorite form of travel. A small city on wheels will take shape as the owners of nearly 2,000 RVs converge on CAM-PLEX Multi-Event Facilities, July 18 through 21. Read More »

FL: Travel trailers arrive, residents ready to move in

(July 19, 2018) -- It's been more than three weeks since the fire in Eastpoint and since then, 24 travel trailers have been delivered to the area, but as of now those trailers are stationed in a lot near the sheriff's office and haven't been delivered to those in need. Read More »

Do you travel with your gun?

(July 16, 2018) -- If you’re on the road for extended periods of time, you’ll want to safely store your handgun away, especially if you carry it around for protection. Read More »

Gypsy Journal RV: The branded hand

(July 18, 2018) -- While it may seem odd to say that we enjoy visiting the dead, we have found some of our best stories while exploring cemeteries. After all, what better place could there be to learn about history than where those who made it are laid to rest? Read More »

Roadtreking: The different stages of the RV lifestyle

(July 18, 2018) -- Perhaps you’re a seasoned RVer entering those golden years and not able to be quite as physically active as you once were. In this episode of the podcast, we talk about the different stages of the RV Lifestyle and the opportunities and challenges each stage presents along the way. Read More »

Roaming Free: Nick’s first camping trip

(July 18, 2018) -- Nicolas has been living in his camper for the last 10 months, but he hadn’t taken it anywhere, so he was hoping to get some time off later this summer for a vacation. When it started looking like that wasn’t going to be possible with his work schedule, he decided that a mini vacation close to home was better than nothing. Read More »

Love Your RV: Soldering tips, tricks and tools

(July 18, 2018) -- Often in my many RV mods and upgrades, I use solder instead of butt or crimp connections for my wiring jobs. I guess it’s a personal preference from having spent so much time as an electronics repair tech. Right or wrong, I trust a solder connection more. Read More »

The Fit RV: Useful apps for RV Life

(July 18, 2018) -- Do you ever look back and marvel how we survived without our cell phones and apps? You know, back in the days when we actually TALKED to each other? I know I certainly do. Read More »

ID: Home is where the heart is

(July 18, 2018) -- The group, dubbed as "the premiere RV club for singles," is making its way from St. Louis to Astoria, Ore., following the famous path of 19th-century explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. Read More »

Do It Yourself RV: Look inside a unique Gypsy wagon

(July 17, 2018) -- SunRay Kelley describes natural building as observing the world around you and finding ways to integrate the designs and materials. The Washington-based artist, who is nationally recognized for his treehouses and sculptures, also recycles vehicles by building them out as gypsy wagons. Read More »