Monday, April 24, 2017
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Learn more about newly released RVs, accessories and outdoor products available for the RV and camping lifestyle. RV Daily Report also reviews products and accessories.

New types of drivers embrace the RV

(April 21, 2017) -- Early spring is the main selling season for recreational vehicles and the phone on Tom Troiano’s desk has been ringing incessantly. The owner of Continental RV, a dealership in Farmingdale, a village on Long Island, Mr Troiano is on track to sell more RVs this year than in any other since the early 2000s Read More »

Luxury in unspoiled places

(April 21, 2017) -- Glamping can mean everything from a tricked out Airstream with well-planned meals on fancier plates than typical paper ones to the other extreme, which is Collective Retreats. Read More »

What is the cost of living in a camper?

(April 21, 2017) -- The Home & Garden channel has made it tremendously popular to downsize in recent years. Many millennial home buyers are turning their attention to house alternatives like tiny houses and campers instead of a traditional home. Read More »

Do It Yourself RV: 15 beautiful places to camp


(April 20, 2017) -- Summer is the best time all year to go camping. The sun’s out and the weather couldn’t be any more perfect for hiking, camping and hitting the road. But the real question is, where exactly should you go this season? Read More »