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OPINION: Lemonis can’t serve two masters

Marcus Lemonis stars in Farmgirl Flowers, a segment of The Profit airing tonight on CNBC.

(Feb. 2, 2016) -- With all Lemonis' attention focused on building his Hollywood career, is it any surprise that the company for which he is paid to serve as chief executive officer -- Camping World and Good Sam Enterprises -- confirmed Saturday that the firm would not conduct a rally this year? Read More »

OPINION: Camping World to become a distributor?

Screaming Older Man

(Jan. 19, 2016) -- The biggest question is, what dealers in their right mind would order wholesale supplies from a competitor who can sell the same products online on one of a dozen websites it owns for the same price it charges RV dealers at wholesale? Read More »

OPINION: Vacation industry facing a crisis


(Jan. 19, 2018) -- Among the findings of their 2013 study, Americans took an average of 16 days of vacation compared with 20.3 days in 2000 -- a 20 percent decline. Use of vacation days are at the lowest point in four decades. Read More »

OPINION: It’s time to combine shows

Find new solutions

(Dec. 8, 2015) -- Combining shows by offering a full range of dealer training, plus networking opportunities to meet with suppliers, meetings with manufacturers and the ability to look at acres of new products would be a HUGE plus for the RV industry. It’s the only way to ensure the viability of a giant all-industry show. Read More »

OPINION: Gee, thanks Sherman — I think

KOA - Seat brothers

(Nov. 20, 2015) -- Imagine my surprise when RV Business Publisher Sherman Goldenberg showed up at the end of the KOA Care Camps auction last night to present me with a special gift. He had outbid six other people in a silent auction to acquire a solid wood, laser-engraved toilet seat bearing the inscription "#1 For Good Clean Fun." Read More »

OPINION: Developing apps requires forethought

TXAD Internet logo

(Nov. 3, 2015) -- If the app doesn’t look professional, no one will download it. If it doesn’t deliver results, everyone will delete it. Let’s also not forget that pushing your app out before it is completely functional will only have a negative effect, since it can be reviewed the moment it goes live. Read More »

OPINION: End annual performance reviews

Excellent Poor Fair Good Signpost Means Performance Review

(Oct. 28, 2015) -- The 90-day career investment guide provides employees an important checkpoint to evaluate their own strengths and opportunities, and recognize early on specific areas to work on the most. This allows them ample time to make the necessary improvements to qualify for the periodic merit increase. Read More »

OPINION: Enough of the ‘industry noise’

Guest blogger

(Oct. 26, 2015) -- Regarding all the “conspiracy theories” that seem to be running rampant right now in many areas, I’m with Bernie Sanders. He’s tired of hearing about all the emails and personally, I’m tired of hearing all the “industry noise.” Read More »

OPINION: Focus on low hanging fruit in the service department

RV Executive Today logo

(Oct. 26, 2015) -- I visit dealerships where no attempt is made to measure and analyze data and others where techs spend lots of time collecting data that’s never actually analyzed. So instead of sharing a dozen indicators that most managers won’t use, I’ll focus on just three. Key in on these areas and you’ll make more money in your service department. Read More »