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California dealer seeks fourth service writer

(Sept. 14, 2011) -- Can you provide top customer care while juggling 40-45 open ROs daily in Northern California's premier service department that is tracking $2.5 million in service sales? Lots of customer follow up a must.

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Ohio dealer needs certified technician

(Sept. 14, 2011) -- Ron Potts RV in Johnstown, Ohio, seeks a master certified technician. Would prefer someone with 5 years experience or more. Knowledge of generators, diesel engines, air conditioning, hot water heater, etc., is helpful.

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Rest areas should be free from commercialization

An article appearing in the Knoxville News Sentinel this weekend caught my attention because the CEO of one of America's largest truck stops was objecting to the commercialization of Interstate rest areas.

James Haslam, CEO of Pilot Flying J, noted, "While at first glance this may seem like an easy way for state DOTs to generate revenue, the fact is it will devastate private businesses like mine that for the last 50 years have operated under the current law and established locations at the highway exits. The advantageous location of state-owned commercial rest areas establishes virtual monopolies on the sale of commercial services to highway travelers."

He's right.

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Mexican travel advisory is unfounded

Canadian Government Mexico Travel Advisory – Is this simply fear mongering or a responsible response?

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me earlier this spring, a meeting I requested to discuss your government's travel advisory regarding Mexico and the adverse impact this is having on RV tourism, particularly on Baja California. Please know this travel advisory is having a devastating effect on the people and economy of Baja, particularly those who rely on RV tourism, such as RV parks, campgrounds, tour and guide companies, restaurants, vendors and many other stakeholders.

We also believe the Canadian government should also be responsible. Please know we abhor violence wherever it occurs. All the death, murder and mayhem happening across North America is sad, tragic and heartbreaking for sure, particularly for the families that have to pick up the pieces and try to carry on. However, given the realities of the level of violence in both Canada and the United States, we believe it is fundamentally unfair and irresponsible to characterize Mexico as a particularly dangerous country to visit.

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Elkhart chamber should support Open House week

As the owner of an RV dealership in Augusta, Maine, I am not sure how aware the Elkhart Chamber of Commerce is that most of the major RV manufacturers will be hosting open houses in Elkhart and the surrounding area from Sept. 19 to 23. This would be a perfect opportunity for the chamber to be involved with organizing this event. It could be as little as publishing a map to each event, providing guests with a list of restaurants in the area, or even developing a smart phone app with the same information and more.

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Trade shows bring new ideas, energy to your business

Trade Shows and conventions often bring new ideas and energy to your business.

One of the things that separates the best retailers from the pack is they are always on the hunt for ways to improve. Trade Shows and conventions are a great place for business leaders to hunt for those ideas. With both the NATDA convention and the RVDA convention right around the corner, we thought this would be a good time to review why you should take some time away from your business to work on your business by attending these industry events.

Each trade show offers an opportunity for discovery, education and community.

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Marketing Is About To Get Really, Really Hard!

Put a Post-It note right where you can see it and write down:

Marketing Is About To Get Really Hard!  What Am I Doing About It?

It’s the calm before the storm.  

Are dealers about to be caught unprepared?  The answer is a resounding YES!

If you thought marketing was challenging in 2009 watch the next few years closely!



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RVs are made in Elkhart, Mr. President

Wasn't it just a year ago that Elkhart was still being touted as the poster child for America's economic woes?

President Obama and his minions made multiple trips to the Elkhart area to assure workers there that he was "focused like a laser" on creating jobs and turning the economy around. As we wait for his economic programs to bring the promised results, I noticed the president hit the campaign trail in style this week. He has started touring the country asking to be re-elected while traveling in a $1.1 million RV that was manufactured in Canada.

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Oklahoman seeks GM-GSM job

(Aug. 15, 2011) -- Roy Jones is looking for a GM/GSM job. I am a strong leader. I can hire and train, and best of all, I can close. I can inspire a dealership to greatness from the front end to the backend. I can bring you back to to the top, cut cost and raise profits.

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Watching buffoons in Washington is surreal

Watching these buffoons in Washington work is reminding me of a scene in Apollo 13.  Kevin Bacon, who was playing astronaut Jack Swigert, was working in a flight simulator a few days before the launch when something went wrong and everything he tried to do to fix the problem didn't work and the spacecraft eventually blew up. 

In that case, he was discovering that laws of physics can't be broken and once certain things are put into motion, nothing can be done to alter their direction. Jump off a high building and nothing except an unexpected heavy wind updraft that slows the rate of fall can prevent death or serious injury.

Like physics, there are natural laws governing an economy as well.  Put certain things into place and, eventually, nothing short of a miracle can reverse the outcome.

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