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RV and Camping News from Around the World

Interesting and noteworthy RV stories from around the world. Read about news that is impacting caravan and tent camping in Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and anywhere else that is not in the United States and Canada. RVing and camping is not just an American past-time — it is an activity enjoyed the world over. Read those stories at RV Daily Report.

Neighbor dispute over RV park escalates


(Aug. 17, 2016) — A dispute between neighbours in Kelowna's Glenmore area has reached City Hall, Castanet reported. Robert Hanington, who owns Pleasant Pear Orchard Bed and Breakfast on Rojem Road, chained himself to a chair at City Hall, demanding answers. Read More »

Campers are flocking to RVs to travel in comfort

(Aug. 16, 2016) -- Now the campervan is making a comeback, growing even faster than the boom in family camping. But far from the “turn on, tune in, drop out” vibe of 50 years ago motor homes are being sold for six-figure sums, close to the average house price and containing everything from gas hobs to wine coolers. Read More »

Opportunity for Maryborough to be RV friendly

(Aug. 15, 2016) -- Like other RV owners based in Maryborough, Australia, Rob and Jan Eycken are strongly backing the push by civic leaders to provide free short-term parking to bring self-contained travelers off the Bruce Highway. Read More »

New ways to buy a motorhome

(Aug. 11, 2016) -- Black Horse, the leisure vehicle finance arm of Lloyds Bank, has launched a new product aimed at making new motorhomes more accessible to more people. Read More »