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RV dealer reports success with spring marketing program

(April 28, 2009) -- For the 2009 open house, Duffy said he had to justify every marketing dollar. His firm arranged for 10,000 11x17-inch tri-fold flyers to be mailed to a combination of Loveall's customer list and Missouri RV registrations within a 60-mile radius of their location. That proved to be the perfect mix of their customers and competitor's customers for the promotion, said Perrett. Read More »

Patrick Industries sets date for annual shareholder meeting

(April 23, 2009) -- At the meeting, shareholders will elect eight directors to the board of directors to serve until the 2010 annual meeting. They will also ratify the appointment of Ernst & Young LLP as the company's independent registered public accounting firm for fiscal year 2009. Read More »

KOA president steps down, new chief operating officer appointed

(April 27, 2009) -- Pat Hittmeier replaces Shane Ott, who has resigned from the positions of president and chief operating officer of KOA Inc. The position of president of Kampgrounds of America Inc. will remain vacant, according to Jim Rogers, KOA's chief executive officer and chairman, and the duties will be split between Hittmeier and Rogers. Read More »

Country Coach CFO answers questions about deals the firm made

(April 22, 2009) -- Country Coach bought a half-­million-dollar piece of property for its CEO in 2007, gave creditors and landlords RVs in lieu of payment and operated without liability insurance for its directors and officers for about a month last winter, the company’s chief financial officer said Tuesday. Read More »

Warrior Lifestyles reignites the old Weekend Warrior brand

(April 28, 2009) -- Out of these dark clouds came a ray of light in the form of Warrior Lifestyles. It’s not the same company, but it will provide even better quality product and the same innovation that RV owners have come to expect from the brand, officials with the new Warrior Lifestyles told RVeNEWS today. Read More »

Correction: Wisconsin company does NOT buy Affinity Group stock

(April 23, 2009) -- Earlier today, RVeNEWS reprinted a published report from the Milwaukee Business Journal which suggested that Wisconsin-based company Beriault Holdings had acquired all the outstanding stock of Affinity Group, Inc. Further investigation revealed that the correct company in question was Fiserv Affinity, a subsidiary of investment company Fiserv. Read More »

Illinois agency uses RV to connect workers to jobs

(May 4, 2009) -- The mobile learning center, which travels to spots all over the county each week is outfitted with 11 computer stations; satellite internet service; resume creation, typing instruction and career search software; computer training help; and informational pamphlets. Read More »

Cummins reports lower revenues and profits

(April 30, 2009) -- All four of the company's business segments experienced sales decreases compared to the first quarter 2008, with the largest declines coming from the engine and components segments. Based on the first quarter results and company forecasts, Cummins now expects 2009 sales to be slightly more than 30 percent lower than 2008. Read More »

SBA increases loan eligibility for RV dealers

(May 1, 2009) -- This change also means more small businesses can take advantage of benefits made possible through the Recovery Act. On March 16, the SBA implemented two key provisions of the Recovery Act that raised the guarantee on 7(a) loans to 90 percent and reduced fees for borrowers. Since then, the agency has seen average weekly 7(a) loan volume increase by more than 25 percent and new SBA loans made by nearly 450 lenders who had not made loans since October 2008. Read More »