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Indiana RV dealer pins his hopes on SBA’s loan guarantee

(June 1, 2009) -- Rick Sullivan, owner of Sullivan RV in Decatur, said, "I applied for some maintenance money to keep the doors open and to keep the bills paid through Fifth Third Bank and was turned down for being in a high risk industry." Sullivan thinks it's a good idea and he plans to look into how to get the special loans. He says without them, he might not be in business much longer. Read More »

Arizona RV dealer fears inventory is drying up, forcing prices higher

(May 29, 2009) -- "RV manufacturers aren’t producing nearly the numbers they were in the past few years," said Gereard Pedata, owner of Pedata RV. "Current RV owners aren’t selling or trading in units they have. What is left is an ever-dwindling supply of used RVs. Used RV inventory is going to dry up and it is going to create some demand, bringing manufacturers back in the picture.” Prices will soon increase on used RVs as demand for units increases. Read More »

Greenville auction reports heavy interest in used RVs

(May 27, 2009) -- Last Wednesday, there were 251 dealers on the ground at the Greenville auction site and another 82 buying online, said Bradley. Four dealers each purchased $2 million of inventory. A total of 93 percent of the units put up for auction were sold and the banks were getting 98 percent of NADA wholesale value. Read More »

RV oasis abound in Alberta

(June 5, 2009) -- Buying a spot or renting one long-term in an RV resort is becoming increasingly popular, says Doug Ross, general manager of Grove RV and Leisure, a dealership in Spruce Grove. "People like to get away from the city, but the cost of towing and gas prices and everything sometimes makes it a little more expensive," he said. Read More »

Fleetwood signs agreement to sell motorhome division to AIP

(June 2, 2009) -- “We are pleased to have signed an agreement to sell our motorhome operation. AIP is a very capable and qualified organization,” said Elden L. Smith, Fleetwood’s president and chief executive officer. “Since the sale process under Chapter 11 enables other bidders to come forward, we cannot say for certain what the outcome will be. We do expect, however, that the final purchaser will seek to take advantage of the Fleetwood name and legacy, as well as endeavor to preserve as many jobs as possible.” Read More »

Employment Trends Index edges p for the first time in 16 months

(June 8, 2009) -- “While it is too early to say that the ETI has bottomed, the moderation of the last two months is certainly a sign that the decline in job losses is real and signals that the worst is over,” said Gad Levanon, senior economist at The Conference Board. “However, as the economic recovery over the coming months is likely to be very slow, we still expect the unemployment rate to continue to increase to double digits by the end of this year and into 2010.” Read More »

Fleetwood’s Indiana plant continues production, but for how long?

(June 4, 2009) -- American Industrial Partners couldn't be reached Wednesday, but Sydney Rosencranz, a Fleetwood spokeswoman, wasn't sure whether the private-investment firm intends to keep making motor homes in Decatur. "It's up to them to decide what they're going to do," Rosencranz said. "But I don't think they would purchase the brand unless they intend to keep operating it." Read More »

Workhorse recalls motorhomes to fix problem with hydraulic brakes

(June 2, 2009) -- When combined with occasional or seasonal vehicle operation, drivers may experience calipers sticking in the applied position. This can result in abnormal heat generation at the wheel end causing brake drag. The driver would normally have warning of the brake drag if undetected by the driver. The driver would normally detect the brake drag, but if undetected the temperature increase at the wheel end can eventually lead to soft pedal conditions due to brake fluid boil, and possible extended stopping distance increasing the risk of a crash. Read More »

BASF announces plans to construct lithium batteries for vehicles at Ohio plant

(June 3, 2009) -- BASF will conduct further lithium-ion battery material application development in its current Beachwood, Ohio facility. Contingent upon winning a DOE grant under Recovery Act – Electric Drive Vehicle Battery and Component Manufacturing Initiative (DE-FOA-0000026), BASF plans to build one of North America’s largest cathode material production facilities in Elyria, Ohio. Read More »

Indiana newspaper praises SBA lending decision

(June 5, 2009) -- "Obviously, many Indiana and Michigan dealerships, which employ thousands of residents, will benefit from this floor plan loan program. But the biggest beneficiaries in Indiana will be the manufacturers whose opportunity to move manufactured stock will improve dramatically." Read More »