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RV Industry News

Learn more about newly released RVs, accessories and outdoor products available for the RV and camping lifestyle. RV Daily Report also reviews products and accessories.

Busy companies need sound project management

Any company may have dozens of projects underway at all times, and success on each project is essential to achieving and maintaining competitiveness. Each project team is typically quite diverse – consisting of people who represent different functional areas of the company, have different educational backgrounds, live and work in different nations and cultures, and may even speak different languages. To support their project managers and to increase their probability of success, many companies have begun to create and staff a “project management office.” Read More »

Red Flags wave across RV industry

Imagine what you would do if your local sheriff walked into your office and announced that there were 100 cases of identity theft in your county and the common denominator was your dealership. Who would you call? Read More »

The Bourbon Street Vendor

This would eliminate costly mistakes in the finance/delivery office by allowing valuable products and services to be offered to the customer, while still allowing the dealership to earn additional profit and focus proper attention on attending to paperwork and compliance concerns. Read More »

RV Buddies to review Itasca Meridian 34Y

(April 6, 2009) -- The sister-coach, the Winnebago Journey 34Y, was recently driven to Bakersfield where RV Buddies dry camped for 3 days. Check out the Itasca review now; and stay tuned to see an in-depth review after a thorough shake-down cruise. Read More »

RV Products CEO feels like he’s caught in a “train wreck”

(April 2, 2009) -- CEO Mel Adams said the company has looked at every expense to find ways to save, including trimming supplies, moving inventory from a rented warehouse into the plant and renegotiating services. One small saving grace is that the company does sell some product to the replacement market, which is down by only single digits.
Read More »

Texas RV dealership listed for sale

(April 3, 2009) -- The dealership lists gross revenue of $6.8 million with cash flow of $102,000. About $2 million in inventoy is included in the asking price as is $2 million of real estate and $275,000 in fixtures and equipment. Read More »

RVDA urges dealers to contact Congress in support of SBA floorplan financing

(April 1, 2009) -- "Without retail credit and floorplan loans, even well-capitalized dealers can be out of business," said Mike Molino, president of the RV Dealers Association. "Preserving floorplan lending is essential to keeping dealers in business and purchasing new RVs. The RV industry will not recover until the retail credit and floorplan problem is fixed." Read More »

RV fabric shop sews its way out of the slowdown

(March 31, 2009) -- Specialty Window Coverings, which makes window coverings for RVs, is digging its way out of the trenches. They are making something totally different with millions of dollars worth of fabric they had in stock -- attractive purses. Read More »

No let-up in U.S. labor market weakness

(April 3, 2009) -- "Today’s report suggests no let-up in labor market weakness in March. Given the upward trend in jobless claims going into April, there is the risk of deepening job losses in April," said Ferley. "Despite continuing declines in employment, there have been some encouraging indications that the weakness in consumer spending late last year is easing." Read More »