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Unemployment falls slightly in the U.S., rises in Canada

(Aug. 7, 2009) -- "The re-emergence of a slowing trend in the pace of job losses is encouraging and reinforces the view that the worst of the recession has likely passed. Earlier this week, various economic releases pointed to strengthening auto sales, boosted by the “cash-for-clunker” rebates, and reviving auto production in July," he added. Read More »

Allied Capital extends losses in second quarter

(Aug. 11, 2009) -- For the quarter ended June 30, net investment income was $18.2 million or $0.10 per share compared to net investment income of $63.9 million or $0.37 per share for the quarter ended June 30, 2008. For the quarter ended June 30, 2009, the company had net realized losses of $126.1 million or $0.71 per share, compared to net realized losses of $17.9 million or $0.10 per share for the quarter ended June 30, 2008. Read More »

Indiana RV dealer says industry is rebuilding

(Aug. 6, 2009) -- Ken Eckstein manages 17 acres of RVs at Mount Comfort RV just east of Indianapolis. Eckstein said he'd welcome a cash for clunkers program for the RV industry. He said he'll take any help he can get. But if you think Eckstein is down on the RV industry, thing again. "It's not that there's light at the end of the tunnel. I think we're out of the tunnel. And for now, it's just a matter of rebuilding from where we were," Read More »

Keystone acquires new plant in Indiana, will hire 200 workers

(Aug. 17, 2009) -- Keystone RV Company announced today that it expects to hire up to an additional 200 employees later this fall as it acquires a new 140,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Goshen, Ind. The new facility will allow Keystone to run two production lines and dramatically improve lead times for delivery to our dealers. Read More »

American Dream Vacations reports significant increases in RV rental activity

(Aug. 12, 2009) -- "What a summer! Record heat, drought, recession, high unemployment, tight lenders, RV dealers closing in record numbers and RV manufacturers shutting their doors for good -- and our business is up 25.8 percent," said Franklin. "I haven't fully worked out in my mind why the stars have aligned as they have but boy am I thankful. Our overall performance this summer has been remarkable." Read More »

Trakka, Winnebago takes top honors in Australia

(Aug. 14, 2009) -- Trakka was awarded the best of the best trade business award of excellence, the best dealer/retailer/wholesaler and a commendation for best manufacturer of motorhomes. Winnebago Industries won the best manufacturer award for the second year in a row. Read More »

Lower gas prices helping fuel an RV comeback

(August 11, 2009) -- This year's lower prices are fueling a return to RVing that's helping boost the local economy in Reno. Gas is still a consideration, but not a trip killer. Most RV's have a 50 gallon tank. And while it's a shock at at the pump, it's a savings overall. Read More »

Stimulus spending gets mixed review in Elkhart area

(Aug. 7, 2009) -- In and around tiny Wakarusa, population 1,618, the feelings of ambivalence about the federal stimulus package are palpable, despite the hubbub over the Obama visit. The money is much appreciated, but there is a sense of foreboding about the cost to the federal treasury. And there is a hunch, in this independent-minded patch of northern Indiana, that perhaps the RV industry and much of the state might just muddle through even without much more government help. Read More »

Monaco appoints new board member

(Aug. 11, 2009) -- Monaco Coach Corporation announced that John F. Cogan, an Ely senior fellow at the Hoover Institute and professor in the public policy program at Stanford University, was elected to the company's board of directors. Read More »

White House releases text of Obama’s speech in Indiana

(Aug. 5, 2009) -- "The battle for America's future will be fought and won in places like Elkhart and Detroit, Goshen and Pittsburgh, South Bend, Youngstown –- in cities and towns across Indiana and across the Midwest and across the country that have been the backbone of America. It will be won by making places like Elkhart what they once were and can be again –- and that's centers of innovation and entrepreneurship and ingenuity and opportunity; the bustling, whirring, humming engines of American prosperity." Read More »

Elkhart mayor confident RV industry will rebound

(Aug. 17, 2009) -- "The person that wanted that RV for their recreation, for their camping, 15 months ago, still wants that vehicle. I am confident that if we give them some work, let them earn some money, we are going to go back up in sales, and the RV industry is going to be okay."
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Consumer research group shuts its doors

(Aug. 12, 2009) -- Attempts to reach The Listener Group this week have been unsuccessful. The firm's local phone lines are constantly busy, the toll-free number has been disconnected and the firm's website is no longer live.
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