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SFC Smart Fuel Cell wins international enterprise award

(April 30, 2009) -- SFC Smart Fuel Cell has been named the winner of the 2009 Emerging Enterprise of the Year Award given to companies “that have demonstrated rapid growth and/or provided a high realized return to investors by bringing a truly disruptive clean technology or business model to the market.” Read More »

Orders trickle in for Country Coach

(May 5, 2009) -- The company delivered two coaches last week from the factory, one to a couple from California, the other to a couple from Alberta, Howard said. Neither had owned a Country Coach before, and both bought 2009 Magna 630s, one of Country Coach’s high-end models that retails for more than $600,000. In addition, Country Coach has taken one deposit equal to more than half the value of the coach, plus several other smaller deposits. Read More »

Thieves target 13 vehicles at RV storage facility in North Carolina

(May 1, 2009) -- Officers found 13 vehicles broken into, most of which were recreational vehicles, said Gaston County Police Sgt. Myron Shelor. The thief smashed windows to get inside the RVs and cut locks on travel trailers to get inside. They loaded the stuff on a truck that was there and drove through the fence. Read More »

New Indiana law will increase taxes for unemployment

(May 1, 2009) -- The bill seeks to fix the state's insolvent unemployment insurance fund by increasing taxes over the next two years on Hoosier businesses. A heftier tax burden in this economy, say area business leaders, will stifle a company's willingness to hire new workers and could cripple its ability to survive this recession. Read More »

Monaco to auction major assets, resolves objections with creditors

(May 4, 2009) -- Monaco Coach Corp. got the green light Friday to put its major assets up for auction later this month, but only after intensive negotiations that delayed the start of a hearing in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware. A subsidiary of Navistar International has agreed to buy Monaco's assets for $52 million, but other parties will have a chance to submit bids at hearing scheduled for May 21. Read More »

Income and consumer spending contract the U.S.

(April 30, 2009) -- "Consumer spending showed a marked improvement in early 2009 following the sizeable 4.3 percent annualized drop recorded in the fourth quarter of last year and 3.8 percent dip in the third. This improvement was one of the key factors supporting the slight moderation in the pace of decline in overall gross domestic product to 6.1 percent from the 6.3 percent plummet that occurred in the fourth quarter of 2008." Read More »

Freightliner earns state recycling award

(April 30, 2009) -- Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp., of Gaffney, S.C., was named on a list of nine South Carolina companies reducing the impact of waste in the environment, conserving natural resources and saving energy. Read More »

FEMA to unload thousands of travel trailers

(May 4, 2009) -- Reducing the size of the inventory will significantly reduce the annual cost -- approximately $133 million annually -- that FEMA is incurring to store the current inventory of approximately 120,000 excess mobile homes and travel trailers. Read More »

Bankrupt Chrysler owes Cummins $44 million

(May 1, 2009) -- A Cummins spokesman said some of that money will be covered by the U.S. Treasury Department’s new Supplier Support Program, which the company entered earlier this month. “It’s our belief a large percentage of that is going to be covered,” spokesman Mark Land said. Read More »

New Hampshire auto group seeks similar freedom enjoyed by RV dealers

(May 4, 2009) -- GM and Chrysler are evaluating their dealers by a number of criteria, including sales volume, profitability, reputation and location. GM last week announced plans to slash its number of dealers by 42 percent, a decrease nationally from 6,246 to 3,605, before the end of 2010. Chrysler notified its dealers in a Tuesday teleconference that it will downsize as well, and said surviving stores will be required to offer customers all three company brands: Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep. Read More »