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Are we too comfortable with God?

(Oct. 13, 2018) -- In the Old Testament, the process people had to go through to atone for their own sins was pretty remarkable considering all the burnt offerings, grain offerings, fellowship offerings, sin offerings, guilt offerings, wave offerings, food offerings, and drink offerings. Compared to Old Testament reverence, today we worship our work, work at our play, and play at our worship. Read More »

Have you heard of, met or do you truly know Jesus?

(Oct. 6, 2018) -- It is a decision you alone must make. Even if you scoffed at Jesus (like I did), made fun of Christians (like I did), and ran away from his church (like I did), he still wants a relationship with you. He’ll forgive you of those mistakes because Jesus knows that if you spend time with him, you’ll come to know the real Jesus and to genuinely love him. Read More »

A revolutionary failure

(Sept. 29, 2018) -- Human relationships are difficult, and they are messy. They always have been and likely always will be. It is because of sin and the problem has been around since the beginning of time. America thought it had the answer in the 1960s. But, a crazy thing happened on the way home from the Sexual Revolution. Read More »

Opinion: Facebook is an ideal way to offer hope

(Sept. 22, 2018) -- In the past few months, I’ve taken a whole new approach to Facebook. When you view it as an online community just as vibrant and diverse as the one you live in, Facebook is quite a mission field. Almost every day, I have found at least one person who seems to need encouragement and hope. Read More »

Opinion: Would Jesus say your assignment is unfinished?

(Sept.8, 2010) -- In Revelation 3:1b-3 Jesus has a warning for the church in Sardis, but it might as well have been a warning specifically for me. I made it into bed just fine an hour earlier. But when I stepped out, I began experiencing the signs of stroke as I lost function in my entire right side. It was a vivid reminder of how Jesus can come like a thief when we least expect it. Read More »

Opinion: Don’t look back, look up!

(Sept. 1, 2018) -- When we put our faith in Jesus, he gives us a mission and specific purpose for us to accomplish to advance his kingdom. Yet, rather than looking forward to embrace this opportunity to make a difference in our lives or the lives of others, we tell God that he can’t be serious. Read More »

Beware of any Christian who doesn’t walk with a limp

(Aug. 25, 2018) -- As Christians, we need to be transparent about what we are struggling with. If we are honest with ourselves, God is nudging us to repent of something every day. We’ll overcome the situation faster if we involve others in our struggles. That means we can’t just walk around pretending that we’re “fine.” Read More »

OPINION: Following a different alignment

(Aug. 18, 2018) -- A multitude of Christians are content to simply follow the crowd – going to church on Sunday, joining the men’s group, working on church committees, etc. All are fine and good. But, in the end, does it draw them any closer to God or God's purpose for their life? Is it possible that God may call someone to follow a different path than that being traveled by most other Christians, even if it is only for a little while? I believe so. Read More »

Opinion: Should you be tithing your time, too?

(Aug. 4, 2018) -- There is a commodity that is far more valuable than money, and that is time. It can never be saved or replaced, but it can be wasted, lost, spent or invested. We all have exactly 525,600 minutes available to us every year. Could you invest 144 minutes a day – or just under 17 hours a week – in pursuit of things that matter to God? Read More »

Is sin truly evil or just wrong?

(July 28, 2018) -- I think every single person struggles with some undesirable habit they can’t seem to let go. It could be any one of what are called the seven deadly sins. People who view their sin as simply wrong, experience earthly sorrow concerning the consequences and their reputation. People who view their sin as being truly evil take a different approach. They see the problem through God’s eyes and experience godly sorrow. They see how their sin impacts others. Read More »

The secret to a joyful life: Guard your heart

(July 21, 2018) -- It is critically important that we watch our thoughts. What we allow into our minds and, more importantly, what we allow ourselves to dwell upon, has a major impact on our actions today and our ultimate destiny. Everything we do flows from the heart. Read More »

Rest: It’s not about vacation, it’s a command

(July 14, 2018) -- Studies show that time off – completely away from work – actually works to boost productivity. The rest re-energizes people, refreshes their spirits, fills them with joy, reduces stress and improves attitudes, which does wonders for improving relationships. For many Americans, we consider the Sabbath to be a holy day of obligation involving church services, Sunday school classes and volunteering to help with various ministries. But, Jesus wants us to rest and relax. Read More »

Podcast 163 features Macdonald’s RV

(Dec. 7, 2017) -- This week’s guest is Karen Macdonald, the current owner of Macdonalds RV in Plainville, Mass., and the granddaughter of the man who founded the dealership. The dealership is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, which makes it likely the longest continuously running family owned RV dealership in America. Macdonald describes what the dealership was like when she started working there as a young girl who would be dropped off at the dealership by the school bus every afternoon. She provides a brief history of the company, but also describes some of the ways customers and products have changed over the last 70 years. Read More »