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Campground and RV Park News

RV Daily Report is the source for the latest news impacting the campground industry. Has a new RV park or campground opened, closed, sold, or been in the news? What are the latest stories that help campground owners and managers better run their park operations and drive traffic to their businesses? What great destinations should RVers and campers add to their must visit list? Bookmark this page and check in daily for the latest news on campgrounds and RV parks.

Security lacking at national parks, new government report suggests

(Sept. 29, 2009) -- Despite improvements to its security plans since the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the National Park Service still does not provide proper guidance on security planning or training at the 391 sites it operates, according to a Government Accountability Office report. The report finds that the Park Service has also failed to assign trained security personnel at most parks and historic sites and has not developed a coordinated way for the sites to share information. Read More »

ARVC gears up for InSites convention

(Oct. 6, 2009) -- Despite the economy, Profaizer said convention enrollments are ahead of last year’s figures, both for attendees and vendors, many of whom are facing increasing competition for private park business. InSites attendance is also getting a boost from ARVC’s celebration of the 40th anniversary of Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts. Read More »

Panel calls for increased spending on national parks

(Sept. 25, 2009) -- Spending on national parks should be increased by at least $700 million over the next seven years, an independent panel urged Congress on Thursday. The panel, chaired by former Sens. Howard Baker of Tennessee and J. Bennett Johnston of Louisiana, presented the 52-page report to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar on Thursday.
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Park Board reccommends rate increase for Missouri RV park

(Oct. 14, 2009) -- Waynesville City Administrator Bruce Harrill recommended a new rate structure due to the improvements made. Under the plan proposed by Harrill, the city is asking for $20 a night, $100 a week, $250 a month for two occupants and $300 a month for three or more occupants. The previous rates charged by the city were $13 a day, $78 a week or $200 a month and $250 a month with three or more occupants. Read More »

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit filed by Kentucky RV park

(Oct. 1, 2009) -- A federal judge has dismissed a suit by Lakeview RV Park LLC that sought to enforce its contract to lease the city of Richmond’s Camp Catalpa Park. Senior Judge Joseph M. Hood on Friday granted the city’s motion to dismiss, citing a clause in the contract that calls for “Any action to interpret or enforce” the lease to be filed “exclusively” in state courts of Madison County. Read More »

California RV park to host four-wheel drive competition

(Oct. 12, 2009) -- The action at Riffles RV Park starts both mornings with drivers racing over treacherous rock and mud courses with obstacles like 5-foot concrete blocks, 2-, 4- and 6-foot concrete culverts to heights of 50 feet. The day also includes challenging courses for the "crawl" competition. Read More »

Kansas retreat center may become new RV park

(Sept. 29, 2009) -- If Richard Griffin has his way, the property that once housed the Retreat Club will be transformed into an RV park. Griffin, who recently purchased the property east of El Dorado, brought his plans to the Butler County Commissioners on Monday. Read More »

New Hampshire legislators propose repealing tax on campsites

(Oct. 6, 2009) -- Some New Hampshire lawmakers unhappy with a new 9 percent tax on campers plan to sponsor a bill that would repeal it. Many campers protested the tax. Greg Pitman, director of the New Hampshire Campground Owners Association, said that his association was angered by how hastily the tax was enacted. Read More »

Jarvis confirmed as head of National Park Service

(Sept. 25, 2009) -- For more than 30 years, Jon Jarvis has served since 2002 as regional director of the agency’s Pacific West Region where he was responsible for 54 national parks in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada, Hawaii and the Pacific Islands of Guam, Saipan and American Samoa. Read More »

State of Oregon hits seaside campground with huge sewage penalty

(Oct. 14, 2009) -- Oregon regulators hit a Seaside mobile home park and RV campground with a proposed $246,000 penalty today -- the eighth-highest penalty in the Department of Environmental Quality's 30-year history -- for failing to replace the park's inadequate septic system. Forest Lakes Resort is just upstream of Seaside's drinking water intake, the agency said. Read More »

California puts a halt to spring camping reservations at state parks

(Oct. 1, 2009) -- "While we are no longer facing park closures, we are not resuming camping reservations for March and April until we are able to determine how best to operate within that $14 million cut," the park service posted on their website. "We know it will mean a reduction in service. It is possible that some parks and some campgrounds could be closed certain days of the week when there are fewer visitors. The seasonal schedule could change or the number of campsites might be reduced." Read More »

Florida RV resort offers lots for sale

(Oct. 9, 2009) -- Elite Resorts Management Inc., a Florida based recreational vehicle property developer, is now offering its guests an opportunity to not only rent RV lots in its three RV resorts by the day, week or month, but also to purchase lots at prices starting at just $39,900. Read More »

Residents push to keep Indiana RV park development on green path

(Oct. 6, 2009) -- Opponents of a proposed recreational vehicle development that incorporates Robinson Lake want to make sure their voices are heard before the project becomes a reality. That plan calls for converting the vacant St. Sava picnic property into a RV park and youth center with the city either leasing or selling the public lake to the developers for the project. Read More »

Commissioners approve RV park plans in Colorado

(Sept. 25, 2009) -- The 119-space High Mesa RV Park in Garfield County is to be Battlement Mesa's second such development, and is to be built close to an existing RV/trailer park. The High Mesa park originally was planned as temporary housing for natural gas workers, but the developers have had to shift their focus to include recreational tourists in the light of the ongoing slump in the gas industry. Read More »