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OPINION: The campground industry and the web

OPINION: The campground industry and the web

By Braden Walker
Web Director, Texas Advertising

If you own a business, chances are you have pulled your hair out at times at some of the decisions you have to make. Campground owners and managers are no different than any other business owner. They have a ton of responsibilities and hats to wear and not necessarily the time or staff to handle it all.

One of those responsibilities that every business owner has to deal with in today’s world is who they are going to trust with their website and web presence.

In an attempt to bring some relief to this process, here are five questions that will help you figure out who is the best company to manage this incredibly important aspect of your business.

1. Does this web company focus primarily on my industry?

For the campground industry, this is one of the most important questions to ask. The campground industry is incredibly unique in comparison to other types of business. You have to know what RVers and campers are looking for, how to optimize for the proper audience and present the best possible version of your park to your audience on your website.

It may seem straight forward and easy, but time after time we have seen web companies who have no experience working with the campground industry attempt to create a website that will cater to RVers and campers — and fail miserably.

2. How many clients does this web company have that are like my business?

This question will actually answer two important questions, first, the level of experience they have working with your industry and second, how long they have been focusing on this one particular industry. Having a history of working with the same industry is important, but what is done with that history is what really matters, which brings us to Question 3.

3. Is this web company staying up to date with not only the web industry, but also my industry?

This one is definitely a lot trickier to figure out or get a straight answer from the company that is trying to sell to you. The best way to tell is by looking at their most recent websites. If the site is difficult to navigate and doesn’t make you want to engage and make a reservation, then you should move on to the next option.

There should be ways for you to engage with the park easily and get the information you need to make that final decision to hit the reservation button.

4. What is the company’s reputation?

There are a ton of web companies out there and there are new ones entering the industry every day. Finding out what these companies are like to work with is incredibly important. Look them up online and see their ratings in Google, Facebook, Yelp and other places. Call parks that you know that this company worked with in building their online presence and ask how it was working with them. You’ll find out pretty quick from both online and personal conversations if this is a company you want to work with.

5. Lastly, are they educating and trying to help the industry they are working with?

When a company is looking out for the industry they are working with and genuinely cares about seeing improvement industrywide, you want to work with those people as long as they pass all of the above questions. Those are the experts that are going to help you succeed and not stop until you are happy. They value you as the customer and value the industry they are working with.

In the next article, I’ll dive into more specifics of why these questions and others are important to the success of your business.

Braden Walker is the web director for Texas Advertising.  TXAD Internet specialize in the campground industry in the realm of SEO, web design and a variety of campground web needs. For more information or to get in contact with TXAD Internet, visit or call 817.426.9395.

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