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HipCamp wants to be Airbnb for campgrounds

SAN FRANCISCO — It’s no mistake that Hipcamp looks and feels like Airbnb. The venture-backed, Bay Area startup is trying to do for camping what that service did for vacation rentals. It aims to make stuff available that no one’s had access to before, and make the experience easy and reliable both for the property owners and campers, Gizmodo reported.

It is a “land sharing service” that allows people to search for and browse available spots, with good pictures, descriptions and details, obviously, but also like Airbnb it encourages campers and camp hosts to rate and review each other, giving users an assurance that the experience will match expectations and weed out bad apples, according to Gizmodo

“Over 60 percent of the United States is privately owned,” explains Hipcamp. Its big idea isn’t just to open up camping, it’s to reap the benefits that outdoors recreation can bring to private land.

To read the full story in Gizmodo, click here.

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  1. The managers of that firm are clueless to the real world issues of property owners turning their land into Campgrounds. It must be nice having $2M in investment money to burn through.