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CRS offers RV parks tips to maintain inflatables

CRS offers RV parks tips to maintain inflatables

VERONA, Wis. — Commercial Recreation Specialists today offered tips regarding seasonal maintenance of waterfront inflatables that will help campground owners avoid unnecessary repairs and significantly extend the life of their investments.

Cleaning directions

  • Place inflatables on a clean surface, such as a tarp, indoor/outdoor carpet or clean plastic sheet. Make sure the area underneath is free of sticks, rocks or any sharp objects.
  • Unfold, inspect and inflate the inflatable.
  • If the inflatable wasn’t cleaned prior to winter storage, use a hose and soft brush or cloth, to wash inflatables. Use soapy water and sufficient elbow grease to remove dirt, sand and other small particles. Use Aurora Speed Clean for tough stains.
  • While the inflatable is covered in soapy water, it is the perfect time to check for any damaged areas or leaks that need repair. Small bubbles will accumulate on the surface where air is leaking through. Use colored chalk or a grease pencil to mark areas that need repair or patching.
  • Check all valves to ensure they are clean and free of any debris or foreign objects.
  • Rinse the inflatable with fresh water and allow to air dry completely.
  • If not applied prior to winter storage, applying 303 Protectant restores and maintains a like-new appearance. It will repel soiling and staining of the vinyl and keep it supple.
  • CRS recommends applying 303 Protectant at least once per season or as needed depending on use and water quality.
  • In very sunny locations with year-round use, apply 303 Protectant  at least once every three months to all sides and allow to air dry completely.
  • One gallon of 303 Protectant will cover 400 to 500 square feet.

Making minor repairs

  • Inspect all surfaces, fasteners, valves and other parts for damage or normal wear and tear.
  • Order spare parts NOW to ensure availability.
  • If a minor hole or leak is discovered, refer to the Pro Maintenance Kit with Detailed Repair Manual. If the manual can’t be located, call CRS at 877.896.8442 for more information.
  • Remember the three most important factors for a successful repair:
    • Start with a clean surface
    • Allow the glue to bond for 24 hours
    • Call CRS

What NOT To Do With Inflatables

  • NEVER drag an inflatable over a rough surface. It will create holes and leaks, especially where it is folded.
  • NEVER use high pressure cleaning equipment such as a pressure washer on your inflatables. It will damage the vinyl.

For more information about Commercial Recreation Specialists, call 877.896.8442 or visit

SOURCE: Commercial Recreation Specialists bulletin

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