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(Dec. 2, 2015) -- At the Bear Hunter Campground, in Swain County, N.C., authorities had to take quick action to rescue residents Wednesday morning after river banks flooded.

Campground flooding forces rescue

SWAIN COUNTY, N.C. — At the Bear Hunter Campground, authorities had to take quick action to rescue residents Wednesday morning, according to ABC.

Residents told ABC the banks have flooded in the past, but not necessarily this quickly.

Law enforcement and rescue personnel responded, hauling trailers and vehicles out of harms way.

Crews were forced to rescue one man, and his puppy, from his trailer.

Martha Klieves, witnessed rescue, “Of course the current sucked it out into the river.  They had to pull it back.  I said, put it in way over there and it will end up here. So they did and they finally got him out.”

To read the full story by ABC 13, click here.

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