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A human analysis of SEO

A human analysis of SEO

By Michael Moore and Braden Walker
TXAD Internet

There are some facets of your business that truly require a human analysis. Whether it’s the landscaping at your RV park, the customer service at the front desk or any other interaction that requires the human touch, numbers can’t tell the story.

Your search engine effectiveness isn’t one of them. We have facts for that. A lot of them that any website provider should be able to find. Google and the other search engines have provided FREE information on what a highly ranked website should have on it, making it a black-and-white issue as to whether or not your website utilizes these standards.

For example, we use a program to quickly determine if our client’s websites are following these standards. From there, we go about fixing what needs to be fixed so their website can start ranking higher on the search engines. It’s literally that simple.

For a real life example, take a look at one of our SEO client’s Google Analytics. Here is a  before and after picture of what good SEO can do for your website’s traffic.

If you want human analysis, here it is — their website traffic doubled.

Another of the many, fact-based tools that are completely free for your web provider to use is what terms Google is facilitating on their search engines, actual information Google provides. For example, a competitor recently boasted that they were the top search result for “responsive campground websites.” That’s all well and good until you discover that no one uses that term. Ever. You know how I know? Google told us.

Claiming to be at the top of a Google search result that produces no impressions and no clicks is on par with saying you have the best campground on the moon.

The lack of interest in providing an effective and SEO-friendly website is troubling and indicative of the campground industry’s attitude toward technology as a whole. The “what’s the rush?” mentality is what allows that new campground in town to quickly surpass older campgrounds in number of site nights. Why wouldn’t you do everything you reasonably could to stay ahead of the competition, whether it’s online or off?

TXAD Internet is an SEO consultant to the campground industry. They specialize in SEO, web design, and all things online marketing related. For more information, visit www.txadinternet.com or call 817.426.9395.

SOURCE: TXAD Internet bulletin

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