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Gary LaBella: RVs are on the radar, the industry is ready for recovery

Every day seems to bring new and divergent economic reports that either point to signs of a recovery or reinforce that we are still not out of the woods. As the analysts and pundits pore over data and debate the condition of the general economy, let us look at how the industry's dual marketing efforts – the Go RVing national advertising campaign and RVIA's public relations initiatives – have helped the RV industry during the past year in a very fluid environment.

In my opinion, one of the wisest choices we made as an industry was continuing to be as aggressive as possible over the past year in promoting RV travel to consumers and the media by funding the Go RVing national advertising campaign and RVIA's public relations initiatives. Even on severely reduced budgets, we were able to maintain our industry's presence in the marketplace and build demand for your products.

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One Leggers – Buyers or Not? It Depends On Who You Talk To

I received an email from one of my dealers recently asking if I had any specific information on how to handle one-leggers or "single opportunity" customers. While I have always considered them buyers like any other customer I didn't have anything in writing and it brought up an interesting point. It also reminded me of a personal experience I had when I was on the line selling RV's.

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Can You Really Judge Website Pages by Their Titles? Search Engines Do

Just a quick note before I dive into this week's topic, for clarification.

The intent of this blog is to give you information about how to gain more 'purchase ready' internet traffic. There are a great many items that are included in search engine optimization. Some techniques are on-page adjustments; others are off-page methods. Both have value. From writing your own Wikipedia article and relationship building in social media networks, to pay per click campaigns and how to use Google Base, we will cover a variety of topics that will help you gain more visitors and increase sales. So stay tuned . . .


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Phone Skills for RV Sales – At the Tone, Please Don’t Leave a Message?

When it comes to RV sales training everyone agrees that high quality phone skills are critical to long term sales success.

The ability to turn an inbound or follow up phone call into an appointment gives any RV sales pro not only the ability to generate additional sales and income apart from the walk in customer, but also a level of confidence few receive. We also know it is an age old challenge to get salespeople to make the necessary calls and make them in a high quality manner.

Good phone skills come natural only to a few however. Most of us are just not good on the phones and need training and instruction on how to handle the different types of calls and knowing what to say and how to say it. Recently I’ve had some interesting points come up regarding leaving phone messages.

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Motivating Your Salespeople Through Appreciation

It's been said that there are two things people want more than sex and money...recognition and praise. Time and time again the one motivating factor that is at the top of most salespeople’s lists is appreciation for a job well done. It is more requested than even money.

Why don’t more Sales Managers give appreciation? Some say they don’t know how to give it. Others don’t know what to give appreciation for in the dealership. Yet others say they are too busy to give appreciation.

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Establishing Yourself as an Expert

The most important aspect of a successful salesperson is developing the correct mindset toward your customers. And this is not the over used phrase "The customer is always right". Actually the correct mindset I'm referring to is to always think in terms of benefits for your customers. The highly successful salesperson thinks of ways to show interest in their customers even before they come into their dealership.

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New Federal Minimum Wage Takes Effect July 24, 2009

Lawmakers decided on January 10, 2007 to increase the minimum wage three times in three years, from $5.15 to $5.55 per hour in 2007, to $6.55 in 2009, to $7.25 in 2009. Arguably, this was a good idea, since the minimum wage had not been increased in 10 years. But somewhere near the middle of all this the economy began its downhill slide. Now business owners are saddled with an increase in the minimum wage that is burdensome at a time when they are burdened enough

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Dealing With Failure Comes with the Job

If you could talk to the people you have most admired in life, the biggest successes, the top names, you will find that they also are the biggest failures. They lost more games, struck out more times, lost more money and had more doors slammed in their faces. The difference in their lives is that they never quit.

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Developing Your Referral Business

One of the most difficult parts of selling is prospecting/networking, or getting new customers. By far the most powerful thing you can have when approaching new people is a referral from their colleagues, friends or others they respect. The big question that comes before "selling" referrals is "getting" the referrals in the first place.

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Customer Loyalty in 3 Easy Steps

Do you spend a lot of time and energy trying to attract new customers to your dealership, hoping to pump up your bottom line? If so, you're probably missing an untapped source of sales that exists right inside your dealership - there's truth in the statement that your customer base is your most valuable asset.

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Praising Your Employees

A common complaint among sales managers is that they don't get enough cooperation from their employees. You have to realize that you need to give before you can expect to receive. If you want employees who will work with initiative, ingenuity, and enthusiasm, you have to make them feel good about their job and about themselves.


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Recession Selling

Selling RVs in tough times requires a tough attitude. Half the battle is in your head and the other half is on the streets. Customers will object to price—that’s what they do. First, they test your price; next, they test your resolve. Being prepared to sell in tough times is the mental game of success. Positive thoughts provide the mental fuel you need for your journey. Positive behavior results from these positive thoughts. These tips will help you move in a positive direction in tough times:

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Why Listen to Business Audiobooks?

Most successful salespeople and managers would love to improve themselves by reading and taking courses, but lack the time to do so. This is where audiobooks can play an important role in your professional career and give you the competitive edge.


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