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Monaco recalls 400 to start work at Oregon plant

(Aug. 7, 2009) -- About 400 workers are back at work at the Coburg factory, producing about seven recreational vehicles per day, said Roy Wiley, spokesman for Illinois-based Navistar International, the new parent company of Monaco RV. He said he wasn’t sure if workers were building towable RVs, motor coaches or a combination of both. Read More »

Stimulus spending gets mixed review in Elkhart area

(Aug. 7, 2009) -- In and around tiny Wakarusa, population 1,618, the feelings of ambivalence about the federal stimulus package are palpable, despite the hubbub over the Obama visit. The money is much appreciated, but there is a sense of foreboding about the cost to the federal treasury. And there is a hunch, in this independent-minded patch of northern Indiana, that perhaps the RV industry and much of the state might just muddle through even without much more government help. Read More »

Unemployment falls slightly in the U.S., rises in Canada

(Aug. 7, 2009) -- "The re-emergence of a slowing trend in the pace of job losses is encouraging and reinforces the view that the worst of the recession has likely passed. Earlier this week, various economic releases pointed to strengthening auto sales, boosted by the “cash-for-clunker” rebates, and reviving auto production in July," he added. Read More »

Future Navistar electric vehicles already being built in England

(Aug. 7, 2009) -- On its website, Modec touts its product as the world's only zero-emission commercial vehicle in its class. A Navistar statement calls the truck an alternative to traditional delivery trucks to cut down on pollution and the cost of gas for inner-city driving. The all-battery powered truck's top speed is 50 miles per hour and can last 100 miles before recharging. Read More »

Navistar’s grant to help build fleet of all-electric trucks

(Aug. 7, 2009) -- "Obviously we want to bring back the RV industry first," Ustain said while standing outside the Wakarusa facility after the president's speech. "We have some plans to improve the products here and grow our share of that business. The second part gets to be the decision on where we're going to make the electric vehicles and we've committed it will be in this area." Read More »

Two unnamed companies seek tax breaks from Elkhart County

(Aug. 7, 2009) -- The county grants property tax breaks in certain circumstances to promote expansion of existing firms and to lure in other companies, all in the name of creating jobs and bolstering the local economy. The incentives typically take the form of partial property tax abatements for pre-determined periods on new development. Read More »

Pennsylvania couples appeal ruling they must pay property tax on park model

(Aug. 10, 2009) -- Judge Kenneth Valasek ruled in November that trailers owned by Keith and Valeri Lazor and Michael and Jeanne Gelormino are subject to real estate tax. Valasek stated in his opinions that because the Lazors and Gelorminos have added porches, steps, landscaping and outdoor lighting, the trailers are more of a house than a recreational vehicle. Read More »

Confusion leads to Indiana officials missing Obama speech

(Aug. 10, 2009) -- Because of an apparent mass amount of confusion, Wakarusa Town Manager Tom Roeder and members of the Town Council did not attend Obama's Wednesday news conference on electric vehicles, although several other local politicians did. Nappanee Mayor Larry Thompson, meanwhile, was not invited. Nappanee and Wakarusa, separated by just six miles, work closely together on many issues, including business. Read More »

Tourist keeps RV dealer hopping in Las Vegas

(Aug. 10, 2009) -- El Monte RV estimates that 85 of its 200 motorhomes still leave the lot every week, a number holding steady since the economic downturn. El Monte branch manager Roger Brewer also notes a "huge increase" in business over the past two summers from Americans who were forced to sell their RVs. "They say they miss the experience," he says. Read More »

Employment Trends Index remains unchanged in July

(Aug. 10, 2009) -- “The Employment Trends Index has been flat in the last three months,” said Gad Levanon, senior economist at The Conference Board. “This suggests that we are getting closer to the point when employers are no longer cutting their workforce. However, since we are expecting a weak economic recovery, and given the record number of involuntary part-time workers – many of whom are likely to move to full-time positions before new employees are hired – we do not expect significant job growth over the next year.” Read More »

Evergreen utilizes WeatherMax fabric to build ATV RV

(Aug. 10, 2009) -- "We chose WeatherMax due to its strength, weight, abrasion resistance and breathability," said Nick Spence, executive manager of Evergreen Off Road Campers, LLC. "The fabric has been tested in extreme rain, snow and sun with very admirable results." Read More »